Jason Kahn

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Door Times : 6pm

Tickets : £6 / £10 includes copy of “Valentines” CD (on the door only)

A Confront Recordings launch event for the Jason Kahn & Phil Julian collaboration CD “Valentines”.

The pair will perform as a duo and then as part of Mark Wastell’s improvising group THE SEEN.

Jason Kahn & Phil Julian (duo)


Phil Julian / electronics
Jason Kahn / electronics
Phil Durrant / violin
Angharad Davies / violin
Mark Wastell / violoncello
Olie Brice / double bass
Dominic Lash / double bass
Graham MacKeachan / double bass

More info here.

Between Landing

Now available:

Collaborative electronics recordings from Phil Julian and Ben Owen which began after the pair met in London in 2009 while performing as part of Mark Wastell’s improvising group THE SEEN.

The recordings began as a series of improvised pieces which then underwent considerable restructuring, layering and additional instrumentation resulting in three long-form, slowly evolving electronic compositions.

Between Landing 1 (21 ‘26)
Between Landing 2 (20 ‘37)
A Return (14 ‘21)

Phil Julian – Guitar, electronics, computer
Ben Owen – Electronics, Experimental Television Center recordings, ppooll

Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

Compact Disc housed in a four panel letterpressed card sleeve.
Design and print by Ben Owen at Middle Press, Brooklyn NY.

Order: Authorised Version (UK), Auditory Field Theory (Canada), Winds Measure Recordings (USA).

Computer Music


“17 artist compilation cassette of modern computer composition documented on old-time magnetic tape. Featuring Adam Denton, Anla Courtis, Astral Social Club, Autotistic, Clay Wilson, Dan Bennett, dsic, Ian Watson, Jeremy C. Baguyos, Martins Rokis, Maurice’s Hotel Death, Oliver Kohll, Phil Julian, Seth Cooke, Synek, The Zero Map, TX Ogre.”

Info/order: lfrecords.autmusic.com
Samples: lfrecords.autmusic.com/computermusic.html

“A Christmas gift to you – over two hours of music exclusive to the Admirable Restraint radio show, as (mostly) heard on the Christmas Special broadcast on 19 December but now available in glorious high-quality audio.

Featuring John Butcher, Stephen Cornford and Samuel Rodgers, Gil Sansón, Kostis Kilymis, Phil Julian, Ben Owen, Samwich Pettingzoo and Andrew Brooks, and both Daniel and A F Jones.

Available as a name-your-price download with all proceeds going to Beyond Blue, working to reduce the impact of depression and anxiety in the Australian community.”

Features an unreleased track from the York VCS3 sessions.


Reviews by Brian Olewnick here and Richard Pinnell here.

V/A · Le Illusions Magnetique

Double C60 cassette compilation of recordings made using vintage equipment and analogue electronics:

A1. Brume “Top Ten Sucks”
A2. KK Null “Toki No Dansou”
A3. Our Love Will Destroy The World “Pioneer Master Fried August”
A4. Sindre Bjerga “Ancient Electricity”
A5. Cheapmachines “Cheapmachines”
A6. Lasse Marhaug “The Froth Riding On a Wave Of Its Own”
B1. Aki Onda “India Song”
B2. Howard Stelzer “Response To Intervention”
B3. If, Bwana “For Edward’s Soul”
B4. Edward Sol “Suck The Art”
B5. Eric Lunde “Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi”
B6. Frans de Waard “1. State Conspiracy 2. Traitor 3. Police Terror 4. No Cops No Masters 5. Servants 6. Tax The Fuck 7. Kick/Kill/Kick 8. Er (Etc) Er 9. ? 10. Track Seven 11. Disco Chant/Beat 12. The Richness of Poverty 13. Plastic Bag Take Away 14. Traitor (Again) 15. Smoking”
C1. Anla Courtis “Onco Cecilido”
C2. Sudden Infant “Iranian Boy In Vienna”
C3. Volcano The Bear “Classic Lorenzoid Fusion”
C4. Family Underground “Volcano Tear”
C5. Carlos Giffoni “Abigail”
D1. Aeron Bergman “Daemon Lugman”
D2. AMK “The Next Step”
D3. Cornucopia “Gehenna”
D4. Andreas Brandal “Throne”
D5. John Wiese “GGA”
D6. Burning Star Core “One Last Question”

Available via Quasi Pop: quasipop.org/catalogue/qpopcs066/

York 17/08/2012

New release via Authorised Version.

Recorded in The Rymer Auditorium at the Music Research Centre, York University 17th August 2012 using two EMS VCS3 synthesisers.

Recorded directly to computer HD, edited for length & re-sequenced, no other instrumentation.

Mastered by Jac Beloeil.

Nine track chrome C40 cassette w/ download code. (.flac, .mp3 and other options available.)

Limited to 100 copies only.

Order here: a-version.co.uk/av038

Photographs from the recording session here.

Review by Steve Cammack here.

Wet Sounds

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

“Photic Ellipse” – stereo mix of four channel computer-generated audio now available for free download in .wav, .flac, .ogg and .mp3 via Authorised Version.


Used as part of the Netaudio Festival 2011 broadcasts on Resonance FM and also formed the basis for the Wet Sounds diffusion performance at Newcastle City Swimming Pool on 06/02/2011.

Also featured as part of the Daniel Jones curated series “Curates Egg“.

Live Flux


Cassette only – 200 copies
Illustration – Allon Kaye

Track listing:

A: Hope and Anchor, 19/04/2012
B: ICA, 14/07/2012

Recorded live in London (analogue modular synthesiser, computer, radio)

ORDER from the Touch Shop.

Also available via Boomkat, and in the USA from Forced Exposure and Aquarius:

“Another list, another batch of tapes from UK label The Tapeworm! This one comes from a guy named Phil Julian, who despite apparently being quite active in the experimental music underground since the nineties, we had not previously heard of. But all it took was a few seconds of his Live Flux to convince us that that was definitely an egregious oversight on our part. Huge billowing clouds of low end rumble and buzzing metallic shimmer, all constructed from experiments with “unstable/chaotic systems”, aka modular synths, contact mics, feedback etc. It’s impossible to tell what the source is for these sounds, but it hardly matters, just sit back and let these thick sonic swells wash over you. Undulating, and softly pulsing swirls seem to coalesce into heaving walls of sound only to immediately dissipate into drifting clouds of sonic particles, before beginning to gather once again. The sound eventually settles into something much more serene, a sort of Niblockian stretch of layered tones, backed with all manner of incidental sound, voices, shuffling feet, pieces of wood on concrete, hard to say if these were purposeful or not, but they do add mysterious texture, to Julian’s dronemusic, which even in its more serene state, begins again to build to something dense and intense. The flipside is more of the same, but the recording is more raw, wreathed in hiss, the sounds pulsing madly as well, as if tones were chosen that were just off enough that their overtones would collide and disagree, the results though are a wild chaotic cloud of hissing, throbbing soft noise, that for all of its noisiness and abrasion, still manages to be weirdly hypnotic.”

Excerpt from the release featured in Philip Marshall’s January 2013 mix for Entr’acte:

Track list here.