Resonance FM
Photo by Chris Weaver

Phil Julian / John Macedo live duo performance and interview with Chris Weaver on Resonance FM broadcast 26/02/2013 8pm-9pm (Download – 60 mins 137.3MB)


Duo performance (Download – 20 mins 46MB)


Floodplain” will be streamed on 26/09/2012 via on the APO33 show (4am CEST)

“Floodplain” – Recorded August/September 2012 in London.

All source material from web browser based real-time audio synthesis and many-to-many vector mapping via TiberSynth v0.1 (Cory O’Brien 2012)

Also featured on the programme will be “Recent Errors” released earlier this year via Absence of Wax.


Now online – The Wire: Adventures In Sound And Music from 02/08/2012 broadcast on Resonance FM.

Modular synths and more with guest John Macedo, hosted by Frances Morgan.  The show features live recordings made at the recent Goldsmiths Analogue Evening.



Tod Dockstader
“Apocalypse – Part Four” from Apocalypse (Starkland)

John Chantler
“Live at Goldsmiths Analogue Evening – 15/6/12” (unreleased)

Tom Hamilton
“Formal And Informal Music” from Formal And Informal Music LP (Kvist)

Cloudland Canyon & Lichens
“Babylon (excerpt)” from Exterminating Angels (Holy Mountain)

Phil Julian
“Live at Goldsmiths Analogue Evening – 15/6/12” (unreleased)

Florian Hecker
“Acid In The Style Of David Tudor – Part 1” from Acid In The Style Of David Tudor (Editions Mego)

Some Truths
“Tropical The Island Breeze…” from Achterhaven 148 (unreleased)

Alvin Lucier
“North American Time Capsule” from Extended Voices, Music Of Our Time LP (Odyssey)

“Atavism 14” from Atavism (Raster-Noton)

Keith Fullerton Whitman
“Occlusion (Rue de Bitche)“ from Occlusions LP (Editions Mego)