“This book offers an up to date survey of this field for anyone with an interest, from seasoned practitioners to curious readers. This book takes the stance that experimental music is not a limited historical event, but is a proliferation of approaches to sound that reveals much about present-day experience. An experimental work is not identifiable by its sound alone, but by the nature of the questions it poses and its openness to the sounding event.”

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing

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Noise In and As Music

Will be performing as part of the “Noise In And As Music” symposium at the Center for Research in New Music (CeReNeM), Huddersfield University.

Friday 04/10/2013 @ 8:30pm

University of Huddersfield
Phipps Concert Hall

Full schedule at hud.ac.uk/research/researchcentres/cerenem/noise/

The book “Noise In And As Music”, edited by Aaron Cassidy and Aaron Einbond and published by Huddersfield University Press, will also be officially launched during the symposium weekend. Contributors include Peter Ablinger, Sebastian Berweck, Aaron Cassidy, Marko Ciciliani, Nick Collins, Aaron Einbond, Matthias Haenisch, Alec Hall, Martin Iddon, Bryan Jacobs, Phil Julian, Michael Maierhof, Joan Arnau Pàmies, and James Whitehead (JLIAT).



Simon Cummings, about the event: 5against4.com/2013/10/13/the-rest-isnt-noise/

Encyclopedia of Industrial Music Vol. 1 by Rafal Kochan

The first volume of a publication devoted to industrial music, its aesthetics, counter-cultural aspect and philosophical foundations, as well as cultural and social phenomena effecting its formation.

100 pages, A4 format, 450g hard cover in full-colour, over 260 entries (only A-C) with black-white photos, index and double CD-R.

Track list:

CD 1

1. ALTAR OF FLIES Kött 7:44
2. Andrea MARUTTI Trias 9:54
3. ANEMONE TUBE Prayerwalk 5;57
4. ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE 44 Shift March 2006 6:34
5. ASTRAL SOCIAL CLUB Live At No Fun Stockholm 2009 5:22
6. BARDOSENETICCUBE God Inside 10:39
7. BEEQUEEN Breathe 3:13
8. Bob BELLERUE Kitchen 9:58

CD 2

1. The BLACK VIAL Abgesang der Fröhlichkeit 4:18
2. BLACK LEATHER JESUS Me Inside You 6:27
3. CHAOS AS SHELTER Temptation 6:32
4. CHEAPMACHINES Edifice 8:24
5. CHRISTBLOOD Wilgo? 4:52
6. CIRCUIT WOUND 0923 2:29
7. Nicolas COLLINS Salvage 7:48
8. CRANK STURGEON Testy in the Legal Department 7:16
9. COSTES Le Paul Mac Cartney francais 3:42

Price: 19 EURO + 6 EURO for registered shipping.

All ordering enquiries to impulsystetoskopu@yahoo.com