Chopped & Stretched CD

Limited-edition compilation CD of the recordings featured in the “Chopped & Stretched” exhibition.  Hand screen-printed covers by artist Scott Cook and an essay by curator Jeff Thompson.

150 copies made available to visitors to the exhibition only.

Recordings from Ariel Benjamin, Sophia Brueckner, Gregory Chatonsky, David Colagiovanni and Mellissa Haviland, Zorica Colic, Bryant Davis, David Dunn, Phil Julian, Ron Lambert, Flounder Lee, Philip Mantione, Orange Head (Pol Malo), Michael James Olson, Brittany Ransom, Philip Reeder, Diana Salazar

Facebook photograph gallery from the exhibition opening night here.

An unreleased track “Cipher” is currently being featured in the Active Crossover 2011.02 exhibition at the Wolstenholme Creative Space in Liverpool.

The exhibition runs between Friday 10th June – Sunday 26th June 2011.

“The touring sound art exhibition features an immersive composition created by Simon Whetham, juxtaposed with pieces by artists Simon collaborates, performs and works with as the project develops and continues.”

More details here.

AC2011.02 Listening Excercise

Facebook photo gallery from the event here.