Recently mastered audio:

Various Artists “30/04” CD (Fragment Factory)
Vagina Dentata Organ “The Administration Of Physique” 7″ (Ultra-Mail Prod.)
Michael Muennich “Abbitte” MC (Banned Production)
Various Artists “Epicurean Escapism II” CD (The Epicurean, Silken Tofu, Peripheral Records)
Philip Marshall “Two Opposing Walls” video soundtrack for installation by Alexander Pohnert
Altar Of Flies “Female” LP (Peripheral Records)
Death Magazine 52 “s/t” 2xLP (Harbinger Sound)

Michael Muennich, Michael Esposito, GX Jupitter-Larsen – “The Wraiths of Flying A” CD

Firework Edition Records [FER1102] – 300 copies – available November 2012


01: The Green Room (Muennich/Esposito)
02: Interlude (Muennich ft. Esposito)
03: Heimsuchung (Muennich/Esposito/Jupitter-Larsen)
04: Interlude (Esposito)
05: The Wraiths of Flying A (Muennich/Esposito)
06: Interlude (Muennich ft. Esposito)
07: The Haunting of Mary Miles Minter (Part one) (Esposito/Muennich)
08: Interlude (Muennich ft. Esposito)
09: Slithering (Muennich)
10: Interlude (Muennich ft. Esposito)
11: The Haunting of Mary Miles Minter (Part two) (Esposito)
12: Interlude (Esposito)
13: Stage Left (Esposito/Jupitter-Larsen)

Original field recordings/EVPs captured by Michael Esposito at American Film Studios, Santa Barbara, CA (PAW case file: PAW109), additional sounds recorded by Michael Muennich at Fragment Factory, Hamburg during 2011/2012, edited and processed by Michael Esposito, Michael Muennich and GX Jupitter-Larsen, Chicago / Hamburg / Los Angeles.

Mastered by Phil Julian, London in September 2012.

Artwork by Philip Marshall, Berlin in May 2012.



Some recent releases mastered by Phil Julian:

The New Blockaders “Schadenklang” LP (Hypnogogia)
Contact tnbrip (at) yahoo.co.uk for ordering info.

Aqua Dentata “Lesbian Semiotics at a Jewellery Table” CDr (Self Released)

Reviews of the “Schadenklang” LP here.

A number of releases mastered by Phil Julian have appeared recently:

Simon Whetham – “Prayers Unheard” CD-R (Dragons Eye Recordings)
Simon Whetham & Mis En Scene – “Eineandereweltstrasse” CD-R (Install)
Ian Middleton – “Aural Spaces Versions” CD-R (Private Release)
Last Rape / Pollutive Static – “Split” CD (Love Earth Music)
Pollutive Static – “Emissions” Download (Der Bunker)
The New Blockaders / Mama Baer – “Regelmasken” LP (Psych.KG)
The New Blockaders – “Viva Negativa! UK Vol.1” CD (At War With False Noise)