“A Christmas gift to you – over two hours of music exclusive to the Admirable Restraint radio show, as (mostly) heard on the Christmas Special broadcast on 19 December but now available in glorious high-quality audio.

Featuring John Butcher, Stephen Cornford and Samuel Rodgers, Gil Sansón, Kostis Kilymis, Phil Julian, Ben Owen, Samwich Pettingzoo and Andrew Brooks, and both Daniel and A F Jones.

Available as a name-your-price download with all proceeds going to Beyond Blue, working to reduce the impact of depression and anxiety in the Australian community.”

Features an unreleased track from the York VCS3 sessions.


Reviews by Brian Olewnick here and Richard Pinnell here.


Recently mastered audio:

Various Artists “30/04” CD (Fragment Factory)
Vagina Dentata Organ “The Administration Of Physique” 7″ (Ultra-Mail Prod.)
Michael Muennich “Abbitte” MC (Banned Production)
Various Artists “Epicurean Escapism II” CD (The Epicurean, Silken Tofu, Peripheral Records)
Philip Marshall “Two Opposing Walls” video soundtrack for installation by Alexander Pohnert
Altar Of Flies “Female” LP (Peripheral Records)
Death Magazine 52 “s/t” 2xLP (Harbinger Sound)

Intersect @ Cafe OTO

Saturday 7 December 2013
Door Times : 4pm

An extended evening of adventurous music taking place across Servant Jazz Quarters, The Vortex, Cafe OTO and The OTO Project Space. The ticket price gives you a wristband that gets you access to all four venues throughout the day, performances from various configurations of the following artists:

Alex Ward, Angharad Davies, Blue Eyed Hawk, Daichi Yoshikawa, Dollyman, Fumi Okiji, Guillaume Viltard, Hannah Marshall, Isnaj Dui, James Dunn, Jennifer Allum, Julie Kjaer, Klavikon, Matthew Bourne, Oli Brice, Oliver Coates, Orchestra Elastique, Ore, Paul Abbott, Phil Julian, Rachel Musson, Ross Lambert, Seymour Wright, Strobes, Steve Noble, Tom Rogerson, Woven Entity, Yoni Silver

Further info and schedules:


Intersect Programme

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V/A · Le Illusions Magnetique

Double C60 cassette compilation of recordings made using vintage equipment and analogue electronics:

A1. Brume “Top Ten Sucks”
A2. KK Null “Toki No Dansou”
A3. Our Love Will Destroy The World “Pioneer Master Fried August”
A4. Sindre Bjerga “Ancient Electricity”
A5. Cheapmachines “Cheapmachines”
A6. Lasse Marhaug “The Froth Riding On a Wave Of Its Own”
B1. Aki Onda “India Song”
B2. Howard Stelzer “Response To Intervention”
B3. If, Bwana “For Edward’s Soul”
B4. Edward Sol “Suck The Art”
B5. Eric Lunde “Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi”
B6. Frans de Waard “1. State Conspiracy 2. Traitor 3. Police Terror 4. No Cops No Masters 5. Servants 6. Tax The Fuck 7. Kick/Kill/Kick 8. Er (Etc) Er 9. ? 10. Track Seven 11. Disco Chant/Beat 12. The Richness of Poverty 13. Plastic Bag Take Away 14. Traitor (Again) 15. Smoking”
C1. Anla Courtis “Onco Cecilido”
C2. Sudden Infant “Iranian Boy In Vienna”
C3. Volcano The Bear “Classic Lorenzoid Fusion”
C4. Family Underground “Volcano Tear”
C5. Carlos Giffoni “Abigail”
D1. Aeron Bergman “Daemon Lugman”
D2. AMK “The Next Step”
D3. Cornucopia “Gehenna”
D4. Andreas Brandal “Throne”
D5. John Wiese “GGA”
D6. Burning Star Core “One Last Question”

Available via Quasi Pop: quasipop.org/catalogue/qpopcs066/

A new online mix by Shay Nassi (mise_en_scene) via Experimedia featuring a section from the recently released “York 17/08/2012” cassette.

Track list:

01. @C.. – zweiundneunzig (für Pure) (No End of Vinyl) 00:00
02. Emptyset – Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station – Snowdonia, Wales 17.12.12 (Material) 08:20
03. Asférico – Sonidos Del Subconsciente (I) (Sonidos Del Subconsciente excerpt) 11:58
04. Mika Vainio – Elviss_TV_Room (Fe3O4 – Magnetite) 17:25
05. terje_paulsen-coastline (excerpt) 22:24
06. Miles – Plutocracy (Unsecured) 30:40
07. Phil Julian – B1 (York 17/08/2012) 37:23
08. SR Hess + mise_en_scene – E.G. 4 (Non-Distinction) 42:56
09. Cleared – Cleared (cleared) 45:20
10. Yair Etziony – Hestia (Delphi) 50:52
11. Steinbrüchel + Cory Allen – Seam (Seam) 54:24