Recent Errors

“Recent Errors” reviewed by Raymond Cummings at Splice Today:

“…An expanding, high-frequency modulation follows that’s a couple decibels shy of that room-aggravating squeal a microphone makes when somebody touches or adjusts it in just the wrong way; further on, robotic cicadas flirt desperately and noise entropy static-cling creeps down from your headphones to your clothes and a dial tone gazes balefully back at you. Strategic near-silences abound. There’s a winsome sublimity to “Errors” which has had me coming back for more and more since discovering the track some months back, and while nothing in this series of humming miniatures sounds like a mistake to these ears, I suspect that Julian’s happy not to revisit it as often as I do.”

Ryan Jordan (Photo by Andrew Crowe)

Performing live at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) London on Saturday 14/07/2012

7:00pm / £5 / Free to ICA Members

Performances from Martin Howse, Ryan Jordan, Philip Julian, Jonathan Kemp and Lijs Huyck

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A late night performance by Noise=Noise, programmed by the ICA Student Forum.

Noise=Noise presents an evening of improvised noise, derelict electronics, cathode ray divination, chemical computing, run-away feedback and opening flicker portals in optic nerve fibres.

Performances from Martin Howse, Ryan Jordan, Philip Julian, Jonathan Kemp and Lijs Huyck exemplify exploratory noise performance through direct investigation and experimentation of the material and physical nature of technology, sound, and light.

Noise=Noise is a noise research laboratory and live performance platform. Established in 2006 by Ryan Jordan as a live performance event, it aims to develop a platform and network of artists, programmers, and researchers, working in the areas of noise, experimental, exploratory, and outsider arts.

This event is initiated by ICA Student Forum member Jake Meyers-Belkin.