Rammel Weekender

“Harbinger Sound and Rammel Club present a weekend of deranged sound blah…”

9th-11th March 2012 / The CHAMELEON Arts Cafe, Nottingham

Featuring: Storm Bugs / Patrik Fitzgerald / John Wiese / Blood Stereo / Con-Dom / Astral Social Club / Cheapmachines / John Wall & Mark Durgan / Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides / Ekoplekz / Bill Kouligas / Heatsick / Bong / Spoils & Relics / Patrick Farmer Nacht Und Nebel / Dieter Muh / ++ more TBC.

Info, schedule and tickets here.

Antinomia II

A couple of recent reviews of The New Blockaders “Antinomia II” 7″ on Dot Dot Dot Music:

‘Veteran noise hooligans wade in with a typically abrasive double dose of their Luigi Russolo-inspired ‘antimusic.’ Throwing an avalanche of spanners into colliding industrial cogs, they shriek like gigantic metallic babies cramped with an outbreak of chromium colic. Scant respite comes in the guise of gusseted gear failure and some timid woodland fur, but by then the damage is done. Quite where part one disappeared to, well, your guess is as good as mine.’

Thanks to Spencer Grady at Record Collector (Jan 2012).

‘The New Blockaders were the original gangstas of Noise music back in the early ‘80s and they are still the Picassos. Always fascinating to listen to, never smacks of the gory postmodern motifs of new wave of tape-culture noise, yet manages to hit harder and scarier. The Blockaders are the Shakespeare of Noise, everyone else is just jockeying for the top slot in the maddening crowd outside the palace walls.’

Brady W. Hunt’s Top 8 of 2011 at Inkdeath.

Uzusounds favorite releases of 2011:

Thomas Lehn / Marcus Schmickler “Live Double Séance”
Valerio Tricoli/Thomas Ankersmit “Forma II”
Mimeo “Wigry”
Tim Blechmann “Timbre”
Noish “Eetz”
Phil Julian “Location +”
Francisco Meirino & Jason Kahn “Music for an Empty Cinema”
Russell Haswell “Acid N0!se Synthesis”
Kelly Churko “Atrophy of the instant”
Yousuke Fuyama Yousuke “Untitled”
Haswell & Hecker “Kanal Gendyn”
Mark Fell “Periodic Orbits Of A Dynamic System Related To A Knot”
Mohammad “Spiriti”
Esther Venrooy “Vessel”

Compiled by Aurelien @ Uzusounds

The Grey Area Gallery, Brighton

I will be performing an improvised set as a duo with Daniel Jones at The Grey Area Gallery in Brighton on 4th February in support of Jason Kahn as part of the UK leg of his 2012 tour.

4th February 2012 @ 7pm

The Grey Area Gallery
31 Queen’s Road
East Sussex

Additional support from Paul Khimasia Morgan.  This event is organised by Aural Detritus.

Facebook events page here.

Grey Area Gallery, Brighton, 04/02/2012

Entr'acte Mix

January 2012 mix for Entr’acte online here.

00:00 – The New Blockaders: History of Nothing
03:01 – Bruce Gilbert: Slot Andolou
07:13 – Storm Bugs: Hodge
11:18 – Else Marie Pade: Faust – Rejsen Til Bloksbjerg og Valborgsnat
14:03 – This Heat: Horizontal Hold
21:15 – Michel Waisvisz: Crackles
23:50 – Carol Robinson: Meshed Maze
25:54 – Edward Artemiev: Untitled (Zerkalo)
27:38 – Joe Colley: Treadmill Song
31:28 – Max Neuhaus: Fontana Mix – Feed (Columbia Records Studios, New York City, 1968)
36:15 – Tristram Carey: Untitled (Quatermass And The Pit)
39:42 – Wayne Bell & Tobe Hooper: End Titles (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974)
40:44 – Bernd Schurer: Wave Loss Demux, Version ll
45:05 – Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin: Sanctus