Live Flux


Cassette only – 200 copies
Illustration – Allon Kaye

Track listing:

A: Hope and Anchor, 19/04/2012
B: ICA, 14/07/2012

Recorded live in London (analogue modular synthesiser, computer, radio)

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Also available via Boomkat, and in the USA from Forced Exposure and Aquarius:

“Another list, another batch of tapes from UK label The Tapeworm! This one comes from a guy named Phil Julian, who despite apparently being quite active in the experimental music underground since the nineties, we had not previously heard of. But all it took was a few seconds of his Live Flux to convince us that that was definitely an egregious oversight on our part. Huge billowing clouds of low end rumble and buzzing metallic shimmer, all constructed from experiments with “unstable/chaotic systems”, aka modular synths, contact mics, feedback etc. It’s impossible to tell what the source is for these sounds, but it hardly matters, just sit back and let these thick sonic swells wash over you. Undulating, and softly pulsing swirls seem to coalesce into heaving walls of sound only to immediately dissipate into drifting clouds of sonic particles, before beginning to gather once again. The sound eventually settles into something much more serene, a sort of Niblockian stretch of layered tones, backed with all manner of incidental sound, voices, shuffling feet, pieces of wood on concrete, hard to say if these were purposeful or not, but they do add mysterious texture, to Julian’s dronemusic, which even in its more serene state, begins again to build to something dense and intense. The flipside is more of the same, but the recording is more raw, wreathed in hiss, the sounds pulsing madly as well, as if tones were chosen that were just off enough that their overtones would collide and disagree, the results though are a wild chaotic cloud of hissing, throbbing soft noise, that for all of its noisiness and abrasion, still manages to be weirdly hypnotic.”

Excerpt from the release featured in Philip Marshall’s January 2013 mix for Entr’acte:

Track list here.

Will be recording new material during 2013 at EMS Stockholm.

First visit of an ongoing residency 29th March to 2nd April in Studios 4 and 6 making use of their Buchla 200 and Serge modular synthesisers.

Friday 29th March, I will be performing with Konatus at EMS Stockholm alongside Tommi Keränen.

EMS Stockholm, Söder Mälarstrand 61, 118 25 Stockholm, Sweden @ 7.30pm

Facebook event page here.

Michael Muennich, Michael Esposito, GX Jupitter-Larsen – “The Wraiths of Flying A” CD

Firework Edition Records [FER1102] – 300 copies – available November 2012


01: The Green Room (Muennich/Esposito)
02: Interlude (Muennich ft. Esposito)
03: Heimsuchung (Muennich/Esposito/Jupitter-Larsen)
04: Interlude (Esposito)
05: The Wraiths of Flying A (Muennich/Esposito)
06: Interlude (Muennich ft. Esposito)
07: The Haunting of Mary Miles Minter (Part one) (Esposito/Muennich)
08: Interlude (Muennich ft. Esposito)
09: Slithering (Muennich)
10: Interlude (Muennich ft. Esposito)
11: The Haunting of Mary Miles Minter (Part two) (Esposito)
12: Interlude (Esposito)
13: Stage Left (Esposito/Jupitter-Larsen)

Original field recordings/EVPs captured by Michael Esposito at American Film Studios, Santa Barbara, CA (PAW case file: PAW109), additional sounds recorded by Michael Muennich at Fragment Factory, Hamburg during 2011/2012, edited and processed by Michael Esposito, Michael Muennich and GX Jupitter-Larsen, Chicago / Hamburg / Los Angeles.

Mastered by Phil Julian, London in September 2012.

Artwork by Philip Marshall, Berlin in May 2012.

Extreme Rituals

30 November – 2 December 2012 @ Arnolfini, Bristol

Sound and Music in partnership with Arnolfini, Tusk Music, Harbinger Sound, Second Layer Records and The Live Art Development Agency present a three-day series of performances, talks and more devoted to the legacy of the Swiss performance group Schimpfluch.

The Extreme Rituals carnival is a long-overdue retrospective and a celebration of Schimpfluch.  Through an extensive programme will highlight the influence Schimpfluch has had since the late 80s, with audiences treated to a selection of performances, sound-installations, films, photographs and contextualising panel discussions. Alongside core Schimpfluch acts such as Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck, Sudden Infant, G*Park and Dave Phillips this carnival weekender features rare UK appearances by international guest artists such as Hijokaidan’s Junko Hiroshige, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Phurpa and Vagina Dentata Organ.

Complete weekend schedule over at Sound And Music.

Tickets available from the Arnolfini.

Photo by Intangible Arts

New recording “Atlas Restroom” used for “Music for Restrooms“.

Sound works for playback in the restrooms of the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington DC played in rotation 12 hours each day for three days for the duration of the Sonic Circuits festival September 28-30, 2012.