Taken from Vital Weekly 776, written by Frans de Waard:

“In Vital Weekly 772 Zsolt Sores Ahad had a music piece based on Samuel Beckett’s ‘Endgame’, a week later a three piece compilation around the works of this writer and now a double CD compilation. I have no idea where this sudden interest comes from. The big piece on this double CD is the thirty minute piece by John Duncan, who already did ‘Home, Unspeakable’ (reviewed all the way back in Vital Weekly 57). Among the participating artists he is the best known. Lots of the artists here work with the idea of ‘silence’ and ‘repetition’. Silence from empty spaces and repeating small voice blocks, alike ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’. Some of the finer moments is the voice loop of Antanas Kucinskas, the drone like emptiness of Philip Julian (to some also known as Cheapmachines), Duncan’s stretched sounds (although perhaps a bit long), the crackles of Ola Stahl and the breath piece of Seth Guy (which lasts only a handful of seconds). Throughout a nice compilation with no really weak pieces anyway.”

Address: http://www.podalida.com

Photograph by John Bowers

A generative pure data patch has been contributed for use at this midsummer night event by
John Bowers and Ryan Jordan:

Monday, June 20 at 9:30pm – June 21 at 5:00am

“Our intention is to drone from sunset to sunrise somewhere on the coast of Suffolk, the county which contains the easternmost areas of England. This way we can help usher in midsummer’s day a little ahead, and so helping out, the Druids at Stonehenge a couple of degrees to the West. We will take several of our own noisemakers and quietly drone on the beach.

You are invited to take part. You can join us by the sea. You can set a drone going in your own home to synchronise with us or following your local sunset and sunrise. You can submit materials to us (loops, whole tracks) which we will play on your behalf. You can submit some code (although we are only running on batteries so keep this in mind). You can think of us warmly. Whatever you like.

Warning! Technical details!

If you prepare drones to play with us, you are free to use whatever tuning you like. But if you like a little maths/theory/occultism you might try notes which are suboctaves of the earth’s orbit around the sun or of the earth on its own axis.

The earth orbits the sun in about 365.25 days. Down 31 octaves this is 69.05Hz, a slightly flat C sharp. This midsummer the earth will rotate on its own axis in 24 hrs 13 secs. Down 21 octaves this is 24.27Hz, a slightly flat G.

If you want the music of the spheres, you could do worse than play C sharp and G which make a nice discord when played together. If you want a third note to represent the interaction of the earth’s rotation and orbit which together make up ‘midsummer night’, you could play the product of the two (1651.53Hz) or a suboctave of it, a slightly flat G sharp.”

Contributing Artists:

Facebook events page here.

Performing in this vicinity.

Contributed to this:

“My Voice Is Unique” by Francisco Meirino, out now on Antifrost, is constructed from recordings of people saying “my voice is unique”.

Francisco Alvarez / Scott Arford / Anna Athanasouli / Alexandre Babel / Raphael Baroni / Bob Bellerue / Elisaveta Berger / Nicolas Bernier / Jack Bouroudjian / Daniel Buess / Howard Carpenter / Kima Casas Bo / Hong Chulki / Laura Dangeli / Frans De Waard / Anne-Catherine Desponds / Arnaud Desponds / Michael Esposito / Rola Esposito / Ingrid Gendreau / Michael Gendreau / Heidi Harman / Phil Julian / Jason Kahn / Dimitris Kariofilis / Ektor Kariofilis / Bryan Lewis-Saunders / David Lim / Roberto Mallo / Lasse Marhaug / Francisco Meirino / Kate Merrill / Christine Metropolis / Robin Michel / Jen Morris / Mimmo Napolitano / Michel Pennec / Hiroko Pennec-Sato / Mimio Pennec-Sato / Christoph Petermann / Andrew Phillips / Dave Phillips / Francesca Pooji Roo / Yiorgis Sakellariou / Lisa Seitz / Lorenzo Senni / Vladimir Skrivan / Nikos Veliotis / Thibault Walter / Andy Way / Gerritt Wittmer

More info: http://www.franciscomeirino.com/myvoice.html

Side A
Another failed intuition (again)

Side B
I will bury your tongue in a lonely pray

My Voice is Unique (cassette) 2011
Antifrost |afro 2048|
released : June 2011 – edition 40 copies
26 minutes total running time.

An unreleased track “Cipher” is currently being featured in the Active Crossover 2011.02 exhibition at the Wolstenholme Creative Space in Liverpool.

The exhibition runs between Friday 10th June – Sunday 26th June 2011.

“The touring sound art exhibition features an immersive composition created by Simon Whetham, juxtaposed with pieces by artists Simon collaborates, performs and works with as the project develops and continues.”

More details here.

AC2011.02 Listening Excercise

Facebook photo gallery from the event here.

Ende Tymes Flyer

Jeff Conklin discusses the Ende Tymes Festival with Bob Bellarue on East Village Radio’s “Just Music” programme, 12/06/2011.

The programme featured a playlist comprised of artists and performers associated with the festival and included “Continuous Tunnel Clock” by GX Jupitter-Larsen with Cheapmachines from the forthcoming 7″ on Anarchymoon.

Full playlist is available at the Avant Ghetto blog site, you can listen to the archived show at East Village Radio here.

“WM_02” from the v-p v-f is v-n cs compilation featured on the Admirable Restraint radio programme:

“One hundred and twenty minutes of new and old improvised and experimental music, once a fortnight, on Sydney’s fine music station 2MBS 102.5FM and streaming on the web.” Presented by Alastair Wilson.

Playlist 26, 9 June 2011

You can listen to the show at archive.org here (available for 14 days only)

Ellipse” featured as part of the Netaudio 2011 festival broadcasts.

“The Picnoleptic Muse” by Ed Baxter ~ “Ed Baxter looks at net audio interventions from the 1960s to the present day, arguing that that the picnoleptic character of digital media is at odds with academic and other narratives which seek to explain it. Integrating submissions to the Netaudio Festival by CAMRAS, Cheapmachines, Preslav Literary School and others with historical pieces by Max Nehaus, St Sanders, Wiggle etc, the programme investigates randomness, interreuptiopn, digression and the notion of rhythmic identity.”

Broadcast: 15th May 2011