A cassette of raw and processed electrical sounds is scheduled to feature in Lucas Abela’s “Mix Tape” exhibition:

“Balloons will be filled with helium with the tape tied to each like a ribbon. When released the balloons will ascend to the ceiling and the tape will unspool from the cassettes, turning the room into a forest of exposed audio tape that will provide the raw material for an interactive mash up of all the works. Visitors to the gallery will then be able to play sections of tape by manually running it across exposed playback heads mounted onto custom built plinths situated throughout the gallery.”

The work will be at the Tin Sheds Gallery, from June 2nd to 23rd 2011.

Tin Sheds Gallery
154 City Rd
Chippendale NSW 2008
(02) 9351 3115

Devised by Lucas Abela
Playback Plinths constructed by Hirofumi Uchino and Lucas Abela


Featured artists / play-station numbers:

1. Yan Jun, Beijing
2. GX Jupitter-Larsen, Los Angeles
3. Rod Cooper, Melbourne
4. Andy Ortmann, Chicago
5. Igor Ninu, Corsico
6. Michael Esposito & Bryan Saunders, Johnson City
7. Tim Cunningham, Katoomba
8. Navin Thomas, Bangalore
9. Wizard Bong, Sydney
10. Th W Rbl R, Toronto
11. Michael Muennich, Hamburg
12. Yoshihiro Kikuchi, Sendai
13. Vialka, Thiers
14. Geert-Jan, Berlin
15. Sudden Infant, Berlin
16. Sebas Kirmaies, Lincoln
17. A.D. Machine, Melbourne
18. Phil Julian, London
19. BBBlood, London
20. Green Mist, Saskatoon
21. Andy Rantzen & Rachael Chaos, Sydney
22. Future Death Toll, Portland
23. Stalaktos, Mexico City
24. Jared Balogh, Bethlehem
25. Onno Ennoson, Vienna
26. Napalmed, Most
27. Zone Of Alienation, Thessaloniki
28. [C. T. D.], Beograd
29. Chris Abrahams, Sydney
30. David Smithaber, Prague
31. Steve Cammack, Torquay
32. Michael Minchington, Christchurch
33. Sivanesan, Sydney
34. Mikkel Rørbo, Copenhagen
35. John Hegre, Bergen
36. Oren Ambarchi, Melbourne
37. Mike Haley, Delaware
38. Michael O’Dwyer, Melbourne
39. Graham Moore, Atlanta
40. Gary Butler, Wollongong
41. Alex Mitcalfe Wilson. Wellington
42. Olle ‘Oljud’ Aberg, Gavle
43. Pimmon, Sydney
44. Fun, Philadelphia
45. Fun, Philadelphia
46. New Waver, Melbourne
47. Mattress Grave, Melbourne
48. Mattress Grave, Melbourne
49. Clang Quartet, Stokesdale
50. Scratch My Nose, Santiago
51. Rory Hinchey, Toronto
52. Jim Denley, Sydney
53. Terracid, Kyogle
54. 6majik9, Toowoomba
55. Sister O, Hobart
56. Skot Stikla, Melbourne
57. Martin Safar, Pardubice
58. Francisco Alvarez, Santiago De Compostela
59. Christina Harvey, Sydney
60. Lucas Abela, Sydney
61. American Cherry, Tokyo
62. Dj Urinal Cake, Sydney
63. Dave Phillips, Zurich
64. Seymour Glass, San Francisco
65. Cock ESP/ Al Qaeda, Minneapolis
66. Cock ESP/ Al Qaeda, Minneapolis
67. Agit8, Logan
68. Loop Orchestra, Sydney
69. Mould, Tokyo
70. Timisoara, Tokyo
71. Poot-A, Brisbane
72. Facialmess, Chiba
73. Naked On The Vague, Sydney
74. Alternahunk, Sydney
75. Lloyd Honeybrook, Melbourne
76. Samuel Bruce, Kurrajong
77. Samuel Bruce, Kurrajong
78. The (real) Perfect Lovers, Brisbane
79. Isomer, Flagstaff Hill
80. Teen Ax, Sydney
81. Rank Sinatra, Las Vegas
82. Fukno, Detroit
83. Loki, Thirroul
84. Yecid J Ortrga, Bogota
85. Nathaniel Brennan, North Adams
86. Twisted Subterranean Deathtrap, Adelaide
87. Vulgar Tonic, Lismore
88. Pizdets Vsemu, Adelaide
89. Plumping The Underbelly, Adelaide
90. Julian Williams, Melbourne
91. Coco Pizarras, Sydney
92. Alex White, Sydney
93. Keg de Souza
94. Julian Knowles
95. Gary Bradbury, Blue Mountains
96. Defektro, Sydney
97. Stu Olsen, Sydney
98. Nhomea, Sydney
99. Nhomea, Sydney
100. Rev Kriss Hades, Sydney
101. Hiss, Sydney
102. Anna Vo, Sydney
103. Gabriel Carazo, Tottenham
104. Riki-Metisse Marlow, Tottenham
105. Boyle, Onalaska
106. Andrew Chadwick, Gainsville

Mix Tape Exhibition – Opening Night from Sam Chiplin on Vimeo.

Photos of the exhibition by Keg de Souza here.


Recording from this mornings Blurred Edges Placard session in Hamburg:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Self-monitoring computer streamed and recorded ~ 11:30 CEST 15/05/2011

Download here.

QUARTET WITH PYRAMID SCHEME is a streaming online sound installation by Jordan Topiel Paul, Eric Laska, Richard Kamerman & Reed Evan Rosenberg whose audio content is collected through a sixteen-week pyramid scheme structure (March 11, 2011 – July 1, 2011).

Every two weeks, a new set of participants (recruited by prior participants) submits sound samples that the quartet will selectively work into the stream. The samples are played continuously in unpredictable variations through a Max/MSP patch. By the end of the process, 512 participants will have been asked to contribute.

Listen to the stream (which contains a contribution from Phil Julian) here:


A small number of left-over copies of the six split cassettes made for International Record Store Day are available from the Second Layer shop and also via mailorder:



Cheapmachines / Concrete Violin
BBBlood / Emil Beaulieau
Dieter Muh / Balinese Beast
Onomatopoeia / Sudden Infant
Smell & Quim / Family Battle Snake
Dylan Nyoukis / Ryan Jewell