A number of releases mastered by Phil Julian have appeared recently:

Simon Whetham – “Prayers Unheard” CD-R (Dragons Eye Recordings)
Simon Whetham & Mis En Scene – “Eineandereweltstrasse” CD-R (Install)
Ian Middleton – “Aural Spaces Versions” CD-R (Private Release)
Last Rape / Pollutive Static – “Split” CD (Love Earth Music)
Pollutive Static – “Emissions” Download (Der Bunker)
The New Blockaders / Mama Baer – “Regelmasken” LP (Psych.KG)
The New Blockaders – “Viva Negativa! UK Vol.1” CD (At War With False Noise)

Wet Sounds, Newcastle City Pool 06/02/2011

Phil Julian w/ Mira Calix, Andrea Parker & Joel Cahen

06/02/2011 ~ Info and tickets here.

Newcastle City Pool, Northumberland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8SE

Wet Sounds invites special guests to use the dual sound system, above and below the water, to create a unique live performance. The swimming pool is transformed to a darkened listening venue, the pool radiating soft light and the sound is split into two separate systems.