Cheapmachines “Cast” ~ A new cassette release, now available form Beartown Records.

“The audio experiments conducted by London resident and improvised drone specialist Philip Julian have bewildered and intrigued us for a hell of a long time now. Ever since we witnessed an intensive and utterly relentless computer-based performance at Area 10 in Peckham, London, we were absolutely hooked.

Whilst being a regular on the live circuit, Philip also specialises in sonic installations and here, under his rather fantastic CHEAPMACHINES alias, continues his exploration and scrutiny of the organ continues with two decadent, alluring and warm compositions.”

Edition of 30 complete with slightly optimistic, fold-out watercolour artwork.”


Available digitally via Bandcamp

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Encyclopedia of Industrial Music Vol. 1 by Rafal Kochan

The first volume of a publication devoted to industrial music, its aesthetics, counter-cultural aspect and philosophical foundations, as well as cultural and social phenomena effecting its formation.

100 pages, A4 format, 450g hard cover in full-colour, over 260 entries (only A-C) with black-white photos, index and double CD-R.

Track list:

CD 1

1. ALTAR OF FLIES Kött 7:44
2. Andrea MARUTTI Trias 9:54
3. ANEMONE TUBE Prayerwalk 5;57
4. ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE 44 Shift March 2006 6:34
5. ASTRAL SOCIAL CLUB Live At No Fun Stockholm 2009 5:22
6. BARDOSENETICCUBE God Inside 10:39
7. BEEQUEEN Breathe 3:13
8. Bob BELLERUE Kitchen 9:58

CD 2

1. The BLACK VIAL Abgesang der Fröhlichkeit 4:18
2. BLACK LEATHER JESUS Me Inside You 6:27
3. CHAOS AS SHELTER Temptation 6:32
4. CHEAPMACHINES Edifice 8:24
5. CHRISTBLOOD Wilgo? 4:52
6. CIRCUIT WOUND 0923 2:29
7. Nicolas COLLINS Salvage 7:48
8. CRANK STURGEON Testy in the Legal Department 7:16
9. COSTES Le Paul Mac Cartney francais 3:42

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Secede Review "The Wire" - August 2009


“…what we have are 8 beautifully constructed tracks of abstract sound. They have poise poetry and deliberation – others take note. I need not say much more – than they utilize with what I think is both wit and skill the audio media of the sound artist. Not noise then as much as abstract musical compositions.”

Jliat, Vital Weekly, Issue #679