Encyclopedia of Industrial Music Vol. 1 by Rafal Kochan

The first volume of a publication devoted to industrial music, its aesthetics, counter-cultural aspect and philosophical foundations, as well as cultural and social phenomena effecting its formation.

100 pages, A4 format, 450g hard cover in full-colour, over 260 entries (only A-C) with black-white photos, index and double CD-R.

Track list:

CD 1

1. ALTAR OF FLIES Kött 7:44
2. Andrea MARUTTI Trias 9:54
3. ANEMONE TUBE Prayerwalk 5;57
4. ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE 44 Shift March 2006 6:34
5. ASTRAL SOCIAL CLUB Live At No Fun Stockholm 2009 5:22
6. BARDOSENETICCUBE God Inside 10:39
7. BEEQUEEN Breathe 3:13
8. Bob BELLERUE Kitchen 9:58

CD 2

1. The BLACK VIAL Abgesang der Fröhlichkeit 4:18
2. BLACK LEATHER JESUS Me Inside You 6:27
3. CHAOS AS SHELTER Temptation 6:32
4. CHEAPMACHINES Edifice 8:24
5. CHRISTBLOOD Wilgo? 4:52
6. CIRCUIT WOUND 0923 2:29
7. Nicolas COLLINS Salvage 7:48
8. CRANK STURGEON Testy in the Legal Department 7:16
9. COSTES Le Paul Mac Cartney francais 3:42

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“…what we have are 8 beautifully constructed tracks of abstract sound. They have poise poetry and deliberation – others take note. I need not say much more – than they utilize with what I think is both wit and skill the audio media of the sound artist. Not noise then as much as abstract musical compositions.”

Jliat, Vital Weekly, Issue #679